YES!  Annual Infrared Safety & Operational Inspections of your roof- or ground-mounted solar panel arrays can proactively and predictively identify issue early and prevent the system from catching fire, causing injuries and creating extensive damage to the PV system as well as the building.  Additionally, by predicting where issues are developing to allow for proactively correcting them you avoid the partial or total loss of all electricity production from the system which is substantial for larger panel arrays.

Professional Infrared Inspections of roof and ground mounted Photo-voltaic (PV) Solar Panel energy generation systems identify defective cells within panels, loose combiner box wire connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, overloaded or imbalanced circuits and a myriad of other problematic electrical conditions.

Maintenance and facilities management personnel utilize Monroe Infrared’s Thermographic Inspection Reports to enhance their comprehensive Predictive, Preventive and Proactive equipment and system maintenance programs.  Annual Infrared Inspections can minimize potential damage to electrical systems by allowing maintenance professionals to address and correct identified safety and operational hazards.  Regular thermographic inspections improve safety, can reduce or prevent downtime, saves the building or equipment owners money and increases overall productivity and ROI.

Monroe Infrared has over three decades of hands-on, practical inspection experience to ensure you a precise, thorough inspection. Our Professional Electrical Safety Inspections provide VALUE to your business and peace of mind for you. Our inspectors are all Level 2 or Level 3 Certified Thermographers, utilize the most state of the art thermal cameras, function as Trainers as well as Inspectors, provide clear visual & infrared imagery plus promptly provide written analysis reporting for every inspection.

Professional PV Thermographic Infrared Inspections available in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico,Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Michigan, Arizona, New England, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Central States, Southeast, Southwest and West Coast

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