Data Centers today are the critical “cannot fail” support operations for most companies. Efficiently and effectively managing the maintenance of  power, cooling and support systems is not only vital but mandatory to the continuous flow of information in your mission-critical facility.

The impacts of  shutting down, even for short periods of time, can cost thousands of dollars.  Regularly scheduled Professional Thermal Inspections of your Data Centers ensures potential and immediate problem areas are identified for corrective action planning and execution.  You have every reason today to discuss the powerful predictive and proactive results capable through professional infrared inspection services from Monroe Infrared. Avoiding unnecessary and costly service interruptions which can be proactively identified and addressed through regular thermal inspections is not an option today.  Service performance and consistent uptime are musts!

“One way to identify potential problems is through thermal imagery of components in your facility. Infrared cameras (thermal imagers) can reveal areas of high resistance, potentially indicating failed or near-failed equipment. But these types of instruments have a learning curve—you need to know what you’re looking at to spot potential problems.  Hiring a professional may be the best way to go.” Datacenter Journal

Items checked & trended include Cooling Systems & Heat Generating Equipment, Electrical Switchgear, Motors, Motor Controls, HVACR Equipment, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Automatic Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, Batteries, and all Electrical Devices.

Learn more, call us to discuss your facility and schedule a thermal scan.  There is no excuse for an identifiable thermal issue not being identified and creating a thermal failure.

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