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Level I & II sUAS Certification

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Level I certification course tailored for operators of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) who need to collect thermal data from the air. Understand the influence of elevation, angle, wind speed, and other environmental conditions and their effects on accuracy as well as the interpretation of thermal results.

In the classroom, online and onsite certification classes available.

Same course, same expert Level 3 Master Thermographer instructors, same industry certification for graduates.

Students Learn:

  • Applied thermography theory, science, and techniques including interpretation of radiometric survey results specific to aerial applications
  • sUAS anatomy and inspection points
  • How to plan your flight’s altitude and range-to-target so that you can get accurate thermal information about your target of interest
  • sUAS IR solutions and specifications to make informed decisions as to what platform and IR cameras are best for your application
  • How to maximize post-processing software for image analysis, report generation, and video editing


  • Live Course Instruction for 4 Days (8hr. sessions each day)
  • ITC Course Manual
  • Hands-on Practical Lab Exercises
  • Certification Exam


  • Students who complete all training course requirements receive a Level I sUAS Infrared Thermography Certification
  • Certification Courses are developed in accordance with CP-105 and SNT-TC-1A guidelines published by ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing). ASNT is a globally recognized developer of qualification and certification standards for NDT personnel.


  • Continuing Education Credits: ITC: 24 CEU’s

What You’ll Need

  • Infrared Camera – Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course. You may also rent one. Learn More
  • Laptop  – Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable.

The Level I sUAS training course is geared to the individual or corporation wanting focused training primarily on sUAS aerial IR inspections and applications, but also covering a variety of condition monitoring / predictive maintenance applications. This course is designed to introduce the world of aerial infrared thermography by describing the potential applications, type of equipment, different types of cameras available,  business opportunities, infrared science and regulations one needs to professionally enter this new and rapidly growing field. This includes an detailed introduction to 49 CFR FAA Part 107 required for commercial sUAS operation in the U.S.  Marketing and selling your infrared inspection services is also covered. Attendees who complete all training course requirements will receive a sUAS level 1 Infrared thermography certification.

Our Level II sUAS Thermography Certification course is for Level I sUAS certified professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge of infrared by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to collect thermography data. This course focuses on strengthening and improving your image interpretation and analytical skills by providing instruction in application mission execution and methods of capturing and analyzing analytical data and creating a deliverable that is critical to your client.



Don’t see an sUAS class scheduled near you? Contact us! Our niche is bringing thermography classes to our clients, in your facilities, anywhere in the USA and sometimes the outside country, too. If you have at least 6 people up 25 who will benefit please call. We may be able to set up a class just for you or in your area!  For classes in Canada call for exact class price as currency fluctuations have affected prices substantially in early 2023.

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