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Optical Gas Imaging Certification

Identify gas leaks and fugitive emissions using FLIR G & GF-Series cameras or equivalent. Ideal for LDAR technicians inspecting valves, connectors, flanges, compressors, closed vent systems, and more

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  • FLIR’s OGI Certification course is intended for users of FLIR’s OGI IR cameras though is also extremely valuable for those utilizing non-FLIR OGI cameras as well
  • Skilled users of OGI cameras can inspect over 3,100 connections per day compared to current sniffer technologies which can do app. 500 connections

Students Learn:

  • how to set up and effectively operate and adjust your OGI camera to optimally locate gas leaks in varying environmental conditions
  • under what environmental conditions gas leaks are most easily found, somewhat easy to find, and those that are most difficult
  • all key fundamental concepts of the OGI technology
  • the regulatory framework associated with optical gas imaging
  • how to perform a technology verification check
  • OGI certification and calibration process or requirements


  • Proper operation of a FLIR GF-Series or GasFindIR OGI camera
  • What parameters can affect detection with an OGI camera
  • Basic safety practices for performing an OGI inspection
  • Demonstrate proper operation of a Teledyne FLIR GasFindIR NEW G-Series Imagers as well as the HSX or GF-Series infrared cameras
  • Create a movie indicating a gas leak using Teledyne FLIR Video Report software
  • Explain how optical gas imaging is a combination of art, science, technique and interpretive skills
  • List the basic safety practices for doing an OGI inspection

What You’ll Need

  • Infrared Camera – Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course. You may also rent one. Learn More
  • Laptop  – Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable.

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