Professional Aerial & Ground-Based


Improve Safety, Increase Reliability, Extend Functional Lifespan of Critical Assets

Utility Inspections with Monroe Infrared Aerial Division
Thermal Building Envelope Inspection with Monroe Infrared
ARC Flash Hazard Assessment with Monroe Infrared

Utility Structures 

  • Safely Access & Assess Elevated Equipment Visually & Thermally
  • Gather Detailed Asset Data (Visual, Thermal, GIS/GPS, Meta)
  • Critical Issues Are Immediately Communicated For Priority Repair
  • Asset Data Evaluation Performance Tools (ADEPT) Software Processes Data & Organizes For Inspection
  • Licensed Journeyman Lineman Inspect, Identify Issues & Severity
  • ADEPT Provides Comprehensive Data & Reporting To Utilities
  • Level 2 & 3 Master Thermographers Augment Distribution & Substation Thermal Safety Inspections
  • Acoustic (Ultrasonic) Imaging Inspection Identifies Corona

Infrared Electrical Safety

  • Conducted Quarterly or Annually Improves Safety
  • Prevent Injuries or Death with Proactive Hazard Identification
  • 40+ Years of Confirming Insurance Industry Supporting Data
  • Protect Employees, Contractors & Civilians
  • Detect Electrical Issues Before Damage or Failure Occurs
  • Reduce Liability & the Likelihood of an Electrical Fire
  • Establish baseline thermal signatures for new equipment
  • Trend existing (aging) equipment for indications of problems
  • Lower Insurance Premium Rates
  • Conduct With 5-Year Arc Flash Safety Assessment

Moisture Detection & Flat Roof Surveys

  • Non-Destructive, Non-Invasive, Non-Contact Asset Evaluation
  • More Efficient Than Destructive Investigation Techniques
  • 32% of All New Flat Roofs Leak in the First Year
  • 90% experience problems from poor installation, bad design, failed materials or lack of annual maintenance and repairs
  • Best Time For a Roof Moisture Survey is During the Warranty Period
  • Nondestructively Identify & Quantify Moisture Infiltration
  • Save Money While Extending Asset Life with Surgical Roof Repair
  • Improve Health Quality of the Conditioned Indoor Environment

Thermal Building Envelope

  • Reduce Facility and Operational Maintenance Costs
  • Energy Conservation / LEED Certification
  • 30% of the expense to maintain commercial & industrial facilities is attributable to the largest controllable cost – Energy
  • The Only Proven Nondestructive Method for Identifying Moisture and Energy Loss
  • Increase Building Efficiency, Interior Occupant Comfort and Reduce Green House Emissions
Infrared Training – Thermal Imaging for Energy Audits Course

ARC Flash Hazard Assessments

  • REQUIRED Every 5 Years – OSHA & NFPA 70E
  • Help Prevent Accidental Injury or Death
  • REQUIRED Part of a Comprehensive Commercial & Industrial Electrical Safety Program
  • Over 30,000 Arc Flash Incidents Annually cause 7,000 burns, 2,000 hospitalizations, and 400 fatalities

Data Centers 

  • Must-Not-Fail Mission-Crital Business Support Operations
  • Efficiently & Effectively Manage Power & HVACR Systems
  • Immediately Identify Suspect & Problem Areas
  • Prevent Unscheduled & Uncontrolled Outages
  • Schedule Corrective Action & Maintenance
  • Avoiding Unnecessary and Costly Service Interruptions
  • Uncontrolled Shutdowns Cost Customer Goodwill
Data Center Infrared Thermal Image

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