Infrared Training – Thermal Imaging for Energy Audits Course

Key advantages of partnering with Monroe Infrared include:

  • continuity of process, reporting & results analysis
  • consistency of scheduling, execution & billing
  • centralized communication & information
  • contractor performance auditing/pre-checks
  • return on investment (ROI) measurements
  • per location IR profile development & trending
  • new construction in-progress & certification checks

Energy Awareness & Conservation, Environmental Support & Sustainability

Energy accounts for almost 30% of the cost to maintain and operate commercial buildings today

Energy loss due to controllable and correctable issues are best and most rapidly pinpointed by non-invasive, non-destructive Thermal Imaging. 

Corporations advertising strong support of these practices can be vitally important to their image and even their perceived value. Monroe Infrared recognizes these corporate needs and provides comprehensive Infrared Inspection Programs nationwide.

An infrared image of a building with a number on it used for infrared training purposes.

The Benefits Of Infrared Inspections Are Impressive:

  • Improved Safety of the Facility
  • Predictively & Proactively Identify Issues
  • Energy Conservation / LEED Certification through identification of Energy Conservation Solutions
  • Reduce Facility Operational Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Process Efficiency
  • Reduce or Eliminate Preventable Safety Accidents & Incidents
  • Lower Insurance Rates

Infrared building inspections are affordable, and provide critical information proactively to keep equipment and systems running safely and smoothly. IR Inspections identify issues early, such as moisture intrusion in roofs, so they can be addressed, often while still under warranty.

Infrared Inspections save building owners thousands of dollars by pinpointing problem areas before they are visible and more costly to repair. Moisture within walls, insulation or other building material may indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues or other problems leading to corrosion, mold, and mildew. Proactive routine Infrared Inspections are a tremendous Predictive, Cost-Savings tool.

An infrared image of a house captured for infrared training purposes.
A nighttime infrared image of a house.
A thermal image of a room captured through infrared technology.

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