FLIR Exx and Ex Series

FLIR E53 Thermal Imager


All Open Box units have sold (July 9 2020).  Will post when more are avail.  This FLIR thermal camera is capable of accurate Elevated Skin Temperature Screening.

New FLIR E53’s are currently on national backorder. New cameras due early to mid-July.

Advanced state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging with FLIR’s first camera in the Exx Performance Series line.  Crisp, vibrant imagery with 43,200 temp measurement points enhanced by FLIR’s patented MSX®.  Free Shipping within the continental U.S.  No Sales Tax (except Maine)!

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FLIR E8xt – 1 new camera in stock July 9, 2020


Recent order nearly sold out. Next order due early July. National backorder continues. The E8xt is the most popular thermal imager purchased by home inspectors.  This FLIR thermal camera is NOT capable of accurate elevated skin temperature screening.

True Value in Point & Shoot Infrared Cameras, the E8xt is the absolute Best-In-Its-Class Thermal Imager for Troubleshooting!  Now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool with high resolution and superior thermal sensitivity. Gain a competitive advantage, improve efficiency and capture more thorough results for your customers or yourself. Includes desk-top charger and extra battery. Free Shipping# and No Sales Tax!*

*Except Maine        # slight charge for Alaska and Hawaii orders

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FLIR E6xt – 4 new cameras left as of July 9, 2020


Recent delivery again going quickly!  National backorder delays continue.  Purchase yours today!  The FLIR E6xt is the minimum recommended thermal imager for home inspection professionals.  NOTE: The FLIR E6xt is NOT capable of accurate elevated skin temperature screening.

Very Good Thermal Imaging Camera Priced Right. More than double the resolution of the FLIR E5xt, 40% better thermal sensitivity, plus now upgraded with Wi-Fi Connectivity! Gain the competitive advantage and get more thorough results for your customers. Free Shipping and No Sales Tax! (except Maine)

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FLIR Exx Advanced Series (Call us about Demo Camera Savings)

FLIR redesigned the New Advanced Exx-Series from the handle up to deliver the best performance, resolution, and sensitivity of any pistol-grip handheld thermal camera available on the market today. The new Exx-Series cameras are packed with the features you need to find hot spots, detect the early signs of building deficiencies, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems, and prevent problems before they cause serious damage.



Currently on national backorder with manufacturer. New cameras due July. This FLIR thermal camera is capable of accurate elevated skin temperature screening.

FLIR’s E75 offers superior resolution and a host of advanced application enhancements to make you more efficient. The FLIR E75’s outstanding thermal sensitivity allow you to diagnose problems and find hidden deficiencies that other thermal imagers will miss!

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Currently on national backorder.  New cameras due summer 2020.  This FLIR thermal camera is capable of accurate elevated skin temperature screening.

With many high performance features, the E85 offers wide temperature ranges and a laser distance meter that provides precise autofocusing and also allows the user to measure and record distance-to-target and to determine the square area of a target on-screen.

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FLIR E95 – 1 in stock as of June 1st – first come first served


All FLIR performance series imagers like the E95 are currently on national backorder. We have one new unit that arrived Monday June 1st.  More new cameras are due mid-June.  The FLIR E95 thermal imager is capable of accurate elevated skin temperature screening.

The E95 offers superior spot-size ratio sensitivity to detect even faint temperature differences and produce extremely crisp, clear images.

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