Infrared Imaging should be an integral part ALL Infrared Maintenance Inspections


Every Maintenance team or group tasked with operating & sustaining equipment, processes, productivity and facility integrity & efficiency should incorporate Condition Based Monitoring through Infrared Thermography. One unplanned shutdown can cost thousands of dollars as well as negatively impact both customer and production personnel goodwill. One moisture infiltration on a roof can break down the substrate and support system long before water is every identified inside the building, and by then a major repair may be necessary instead of a targeted correction of the problem area. One electrical issue unidentified can cause a short, an outage, and possibly a fire.No other technology provides maintenance personnel, facilities managers, engineers, electricians and contractors with so much valuable data immediately for consideration, reaction, correction, proactive planning and comparison. IR inspections are outstanding components of every Preventive / Predictive Maintenance program. Identify electrical, mechanical, process, moisture, measuring and product uniformity issues immediately through infrared thermal imaging.

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