Welcome WIN Home Inspection Professionals! On this dedicated partnership page with Monroe Infrared you will learn more about Infrared training and certification as well as substantial (and confidential please) savings afforded only to WIN SPs and their inspectors.


**NEW!!**  Zoom Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT) classes now available – Save $200 with WIN’s nationally discounted class price of $495 instead of $695 to attend!

Order sheet linked below – call/email to register:  800-22100163 or training@monroeinfrared.com.

WIN has partnered with Monroe Infrared to provide substantial year round savings on infrared cameras, moisture meters, other testing tools plus the best sewer inspection camera in the country and the only one that is owner repairable.

Save substantially on the IR cameras home inspectors purchase and use most frequently.

SAVE on the absolute best and industry-accepted standard infrared training for professional home inspectors in the Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT) class

The CRT was designed specifically for home inspectors with input from industry leaders.

The CRT has earned the distinction of being the nationally recommended industry standard infrared training certification program for home inspectors from both ASHI and InterNACHI as well as most states across the country with well over 2000 graduates proudly displaying the CRT logo on uniforms, vehicles, business cards and websites!





The special discount pricing available to you is CONFIDENTIAL, please do not share this information with anyone outside the WIN community or post to any social media sites.  We look forward to many more years of supporting WIN professionals and helping you be the most successful and profitable possible with Infrared.

WIN Home Inspection Monroe Infrared Pricesheet 06282021               FLIR MR77 All in One Moisture Meter

Click on the pricesheet links above & below to review the list of available equipment & training.  The forms download in Excel and you need only complete the highlighted parts and select what you are interested in purchasing now. Save the completed form and email to us at sales@monroeinfrared.com.  For questions please email or call so we can address, clarify and answer anything that’s on your mind about performance, warranty, recommendations, etc.  800-221-0163.  For questions on the EasyCAM sewer inspection cameras call Big Joe Marino at 847-226-0000 because he truly is the expert!


WIN Home Inspection Monroe Infrared Pricesheet EasyCAM Equipment