Testo 320 High Definition and Heavy Duty Combustion Analyzer with Printer

Testo 320 High Definition and Heavy Duty Combustion Analyzer with Printer

Bacharach PCA® 3 Portable Combustion Analyzers - Busy technicians and boiler contractors who need to ensure safe operating conditions, determine combustion efficiency and perform emissions testing rely on Bacharach’s PCA®3.


High definition is more than just a brilliant display. Its a combination of proven measurement standards, contractor-rugged design, and Testo’s innovation. The Testo 320 makes combustion analysis easier to perform, easier to control, and easier to understand.  The Testo 320 is designed for the job site and for the contractor that expects more. Use it for basic testing and tuning of all types of boilers, heater or furnaces. Use it to set up and commission more complex multi-stage, or modulating heating systems. Combustion analysis, draft, temperature, pressure, combustion efficiency and a host of other calculations and functions – all shown in vivid color. With simple icon navigation, you soon realize it will do more for HVAC testing. With the testo 320 you gain more testing flexibility and with the IR Printer you’re able to provide your customer with documentation and generate opportunities and greater profit potential. It provides all the parameters listed, plus the capabilities shows in the following pages.


    • O2, CO, CO2, Ambient/room CO, CO Air free

    • CO sensors with NOx filter

    • Flue Draft, Pressure (vent or duct or switches)

    • Temperature (flue & room)

    • Combustion Efficiency/ Excess air

    • Flue Gas Matrix (w/ four user-defined combustion types)

    • Oil flow and gas clock BTU calculator

    • Memory to 500 readings plus customer site information

    • Optional probes for: Fine pressure, Gas Leak, Ambient CO2 (IR), Ambient CO air, draft, pressure, differential temperature


  • Analyzer

  • Probe and hose

  • Extra particulate filters

  • Extra particulate filters

  • A/C power supply

  • Calibration certificate

  • Printer and 6 rolls thermal paper

  • Case

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