FLIR T460 Professional Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera 62104-2801

FLIR T460 Professional Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera 62104-2801

Flir T460 High-Performance Thermal Imager - The FLIR T460-Series combine excellent ergonomics with high image quality of 320 x 240 pixels. The FLIR T460-Series come with a tiltable optical unit which makes it possible to measure and take images of objects in all angles, still in a comfortable working position.


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The FLIR T460 High Performance Infrared Camera 62104-2801 includes laboratory accuracy and sensitivity in a portable instrument ready to go wherever the work demands. It boasts an excellent 0.03 °C thermal sensitivity–low enough to see even very fine temperature variations in a target. Capable of measuring temperatures from -20 to 1500 °C (-4 to 2732 °F) with an impressive 1% accuracy, users will rejoice to find that the T460 can meet even the most stringent criteria.

NEW!  MSX Image Enhancement adds visible spectrum definition to IR images in real time for extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights problem locations


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Flir T460 62104-2801 High-Performance Infrared Camera Specifications:

  • 320 x 240 resolution
  • Sensitive to 0.03 °C temperature changes
  • View and measure temperatures from -4 to 2732 °F (-20 to 1500 °C)
  • MSX Thermal Image Enhancement combines visible and thermal spectra for amazing detail
  • UltraMax technology effectively doubles resolution to 640 x 480
  • 120° rotating lens for comfortable, ergonomic work under any conditions
  • Automatic and manual focus to capture the clearest images
  • Record images periodically to make time lapse observations
  • Control the T460 and view images and video remotely using FLIR Tools Mobile for Apple and Android
  • MeterLink Bluetooth connectivity with Extech clamp meters and moisture meters
  • Record voice annotation via Bluetooth, or text and sketch annotation via the touchscreen
  • Create professional reports right from the camera with InstantReport
  • 3.1 mega-pixel visual light camera with LED flash/flashlight
  • Scalable picture-in-picture overlay of digital and infrared images
  • Fusion of digital and infrared images, showing only certain temperature ranges as digital or infrared
  • MPEG-4 video recording, USB video output, or stream video over wi-fi
  • 8x continuous digital zoom
  • Laser pointer
  • 3.5 inch bright touchscreen LCD
  • Measurement modes: up to 5 spotmeters, up to 5 moveable areas, auto hot/cold spot marker, isotherm, and Delta T
  • Work all day with the included 2-bay charger and spare battery
  • Includes FLIR Tools analysis and reporting software
  • Rugged design meets IP54 dust and splash standards

Flir T460 System Includes:

    • FLIR T460 Thermal Camera
    • SD memory card
    • 2 rechargeable batteries
    • 2-bay battery charger
    • Power supply
    • Bluetooth adapter
    • USB and video cables
    • Stylus pen
    • Lens cap
    • Headset and hard carrying case

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