FLIR SD Card Upgrade for H Series Upgrade from Patrol To Command

FLIR SD Card Upgrade for H Series Upgrade from Patrol To Command


FLIR SD Card Upgrade for HS-307 and HS-324 Patrol TO A Command Imager

FLIR First Mate SD Card Upgrade allows you to upgrade your high powered First Mate thermal monocular with image capturing software that will allowimage you to record high quality video and images using the high-clarity thermal imaging technology inside the First Mate. These FLIR thermal imaging accessories will work with all models of the First Mate, converting the HS-307 and HS-324 Patrol to the Command. Simply load the FLIR SD Upgrade Card into your thermal imaging monocular of choice and let the pre-loaded software run. The main difference between your old First Mate and the newly upgraded version is the addition of JPEG image capturing functionality on all models, and the HS-307 Command and HS-324 Command can both record up to eight seconds of full-frame 9hz video. When you upgrade your monocular with this thermal imaging accessory, it also gains the ability to transfer thermal images and video to your PC with a simple USB interface. FLIR Systems makes it easy to expand the potential of your handheld maritime thermal sight with the FLIR First Mate Thermal Image Capture Software Upgrade Card.

Specifications for FLIR Thermal Monocular SD Upgrade Card:

Image Storage Format: JPEG
Image Storage Functions: Single Image
Video Storage Format: MPEG
Video Storage Functions: Up to 8 seconds full frame

Features of FLIR Software Upgrade:

  • Upgrade card for First Mate thermal monoculars by FLIR systems
  • Upgrades the HS-307 Patrol to the HS-307 Command
  • Upgrades the HS-324 Patrol to the HS-324 Command
  • HS-324 gain image capturing capabilities
  • HS-307 Command gain video capturing capabilities
  • Transfer images and video to PC via USB card
  • Simple plug and play installation

Package Contents:

  • FLIR SD Upgrade Card for First Mate Thermal Monocular