Energy Conservatory Minneapolis Blower Door

Energy Conservatory Minneapolis Blower Door



You save $30.00 (1%)!

Model 3 110V System with Aluminum Frame and DG-700 Digital Gauge (300- 6,300 CFM)  For the Model 3 with DG-1000 price is $3195)

For more than 20 years, the Minneapolis Blower Door™ has been recognized as the best designed and supported building airtightness testing system in the world. Combined with specialized accessories and complete testing procedures developed by the Energy Conservatory, the Minneapolis Blower Door is the system of choice for utility programs, energy raters, HVAC contractors, builders, insulation contractors and weatherization professionals.

Standard Minneapolis Blower Door Kit Includes:
– Fan with variable speed controller
– DG-700 or DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge
– 5 piece adjustable aluminum door frame and frame case
– Fabric door panel with viewing pane
– TECTITE Ver. 3.2 Building Airtightness Test Analysis Software
– 2 Flow Rings (A and B) and No Flow Plate
– Padded attache case to hold gauge, manuals, tubing, speed controller, and fabric panel, with room for a laptop computer and other documents.

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