Duct Mask Register Sealing Film 24″ Wide (Case)

Duct Mask Register Sealing Film 24" Wide (Case)


Register Sealing Film, 24″ x 200′ Roll Duct Mask is used to provide a quick temporary seal on registers and grilles when measuring duct airtightness with a Duct Blaster or Blower Door. With Duct Mask you can professionally reduce the time and hassle of sealing off the duct system. Duct Mask is an adhesive backed film. Duct Mask is perforated every 4″ to provide a quick, custom, one-step installation. Duct Mask is affordable, less than $.10 for a standard 6 x 10 register, or about $2.50 per house. Save even more by buying by the case of Six (2) rolls.


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