TEC Minneapolis DG-1000 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge DIG10-KIT-001

TEC Minneapolis DG-1000 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge DIG10-KIT-001


The TEC DG-1000 DIG10-KIT-001 provides the accuracy you expect from TEC devices and superior versatility!!!


TEC DG-1000 Features: Functional and accurate:
– Responsive capacitive touch screen provides high-end performance, similar to a smartphone or tablet
– Bright, full color screen for superior readability
– Built in Wi-Fi is available in all units at no extra cost
– Built in USB, micro USB and Ethernet ports
– Field replaceable, rechargeable batteries
– Powerful micro-processor with a custom-built operating system
– Future proof technology lets you update your gauge with new features and capabilities as they are released
– Compatible with all TEC products, including all new products released in the future
– Landscape orientation for an intuitive feel and a distinctive look
– Four magnets on the back provide a variety of convenient mounting options
– 2 year calibration cycle
– 2 year warranty

– DG-1000
– Batteries and power/charger adapter

Is the TEC DG-1000 compatible with all TEC products?

TEC continues to set the standard for specialized air flow and pressure measuring devices. That being said, they understand the importance of smart, careful engineering and compatibility. That is why the TEC DG-1000 is compatible with all TEC products. This includes any and all new TEC products that are released in the future!



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