Certified Residential Thermography (CRT) Registration: Reading PA Oct 12-13, 2016

Certified Residential Thermography (CRT) Registration: Reading PA Oct 12-13, 2016

MIT Level 1 Thermography Certification (On-Site) - The Level I Infrared Thermography Training Course is geared toward the new infrared camera user and focuses on its use for a variety of condition monitoring/predictive maintenance applications.



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20 Keystone ASHI members attended the first CRT class this past February. Talk with one of them to get first hand impressions of how good and worthwhile this infrared training class for home inspectors will be for you, too. Register today, you will be glad you attended!

You DO NOT need to own an IR camera to attend!!  We encourage all residential home and building inspectors who do not own an IR camera yet to ATTEND CLASS FIRST and then decide which one is best for them.  You can try out our demo cameras during class to help you learn and decide, too.

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This class is geared to the new infrared camera user and veteran camera owner as well.  The course focuses on thermal imager use for Residential and Building Inspectors.

Students complete the course with a much stronger understanding of Thermal Imaging capabilities and applications as well as the confidence and competence to immediately put that knowledge in use.  Customers (including real estate agents) are getting smarter and expecting Home Inspectors to utilize the best tools available to provide them the highest quality inspection.  Owning and UNDERSTANDING HOW TO USE an Infrared Camera is quickly becoming as expected and standard for Home Inspectors and Residential Building Professionals as using a Moisture Meter or Flashlight!  Not being able to see with your eyes what the infrared camera can show you is no longer acceptable.  Infrared is a powerful tool that helps you find today what could be a much bigger issue tomorrow and can help you STAND OUT as a valuable resource and partner to your customers.

The CRT Course earns home inspectors 16 ASHI CEUs

Certified Residential Thermographer Infrared Course Benefits

  1. Introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive inspection and maintenance applications.  No experience in thermography is necessary!
  2. Collect quality data, accurate temperature readings, and account for measurement effects such as distance and emissivity using infrared cameras.
  3. Interpret thermograms and make informed decisions using heat transfer concepts to analyze thermal images, and see the latest in infrared inspection report generation and database software.
  4. Avoid costly mistakes – learn to distinguish between hot spots and reflections, direct vs. indirect readings, moisture vs. air infiltration/exfiltration, and many more.
  5. Challenge yourself and learn during hands on IR Camera Applications Labs that simulate real-world home & building inspection infrared applications.


The learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam of Monroe Infrared’s CRT Thermography Certification course are based on the requirements utilized to satisfy the Standards of Practice for Home Inspector Professionals throughout the United States and Canada.   As such, this course is suitable for use by your employer to recognize you and market both your knowledge and the company’s inspection services  as complying with the written standards of practice and knowledge requirements for a certified residential thermographer. This class is not an ASNT NDT Level I Thermography course.

Please CALL 800-221-0163 with any questions and to register or send an email to training@monroeinfrared.com

Class runs from 8am to 5pm at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Reading, PA where Keystone ASHI will meet for its conference Friday and  Saturday that week.  A minimum of 8 students are required to prevent a class from being cancelled and rescheduled.