The Energy Conservatory’s DG-8 Digital Pressure Gauge is an excellent addition at a great price!



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TEC DG-8  Features

  • Accurate Readings at 0.9%: Upholds your confidence of accurate results from TEC equipment
  • Easy-to-read Color Display: Easily toggle measurements between in. H2O and Pascals
  • Lithium-ion Battery: Equips you with a rechargeable power source on the job
  • Texturized Durable Case: Ensures optimal grip in rugged environments and protects your gauge from accidental damage
  • Powerful Mounting Magnets: Provides dependable and convenient mounting options
  • Bluetooth® Communication: Connect to the TEC Gauge app on your Android or iOS device

Who is the target audience for the DG-8?
The DG-8 provides highly accurate single-channel pressure measurements and is designed to support professionals who use manometers and micro-manometers today. This includes weatherization professionals, energy raters, home performance contractors, HVAC technicians, radon mitigation professionals, hospital building facilities personnel and others.

Why did TEC create the DG-8?
TEC set out to create an easy-to-use single channel pressure gauge in a compact package with the same focus on accuracy and reliability found in the entire line of diagnostic products. The DG-8 is a convenient and cost-effective choice for making key building pressure measurements, including room pressures as a part of air balancing, zonal pressure diagnostics, CAZ depressurization and draft testing, radon sub-slab, external static pressure and many more. The competitive price point of the DG-8 makes TEC accuracy more accessible than ever before.

Which TEC apps and products are compatible with the DG-8?
The DG-8 can be used with the TEC Gauge app (Android and iOS) to quickly monitor and record your pressure measurements. It can also be used with the TEC Exhaust Fan Flow Meter and both sizes of the TEC Pressure Pan.

TEC Introduces the new DG-8 Digital Pressure Gauge Oct 2020! Key information to understand the differences between the DG1000 and the DG8:

















Great webinar presented by The Energy Conservatory can be reviewed on YouTube here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjo96mpyJM8&feature=youtu.be  or click the image below











TEC continues to set the standard for specialized air flow and pressure measuring devices. That being said, they understand the importance of smart, careful engineering and compatibility. That is why the TEC DG-8 is compatible with all TEC products. This includes any and all new TEC products that are released in the future!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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