Minneapolis Model 3 Two Fan Blower Door System


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Multi-Fan Blower Door Systems

The Minneapolis Blower Door™ System is available in multi-fan systems when testing commercial buildings in accordance with the Army Corps Standard, NEBB Standard or other protocols.  The Minneapolis Blower Door Systems rely on using fans and gauges placed where needed in the building and connected to a Windows® based PC or laptop by means of data cables.  Single, double and triple fan systems can be mixed and matched where needed in the building.  Each DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge has an RS 232 port which allows for data transmission to 1,000 feet or more.  TECLOG2 resides on the centrally located computer and can:

  • Control up to 20 fans from one slider bar.
  • Monitor the air flow of all of the fans.
  • Display an average of four outdoor reference pressures.
  • Display indoor reference pressures on other floors or other isolated areas.
  • Provide clear, accurate documentation of the test and the test results.

Data cables are more reliable, dependable and more convenient than running tubing through the building.  There are problems associated with running long lengths of hose.  Here are a few examples:

  • Stepping on hoses can result in pressure spikes.
  • Hoses of longer than 100’ will cause measurement errors.
  • Hoses of a smaller diameter will cause larger measurement errors.
  • Sun shining on long lengths of hose will cause errors.
  • Warm or cold air from the Blower Door fans blowing on long lengths of tubing will cause errors.

Model 3 Two Fan System

  • 2 Model 3 (110V) fans with Variable Speed Controllers and Flow Rings A and B.
  • 2 DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauges with mounting boards.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Frame with 2 cross-bars and carrying case (max height 96”, max width 48”).
  • 2 Nylon Panels for door opening (1 commercial single hole, and 1 commercial double hole panel).
  • 2 Accessory Cases to hold gauges, manual, tubing and other items.
  • TECTITE Express and TECLOG2 Software.

Recommended Accessories for Multi-Fan Testing:

  • Eight-Port DB-9 RS232 to USB Adapter Hub. This device provides 8 separate RS232 communication ports through a single USB connection to a laptop computer.
  • CAT5 to DB-9 Adapters (male and female).
  • Commercial Nylon Panel (max height 96”, max width 48”).
    • Single Hole Panel.
    • Two Hole Panel.
    • Three Hole Panel.
  • Commercial Aluminum Frame (max height 96”, max width 48”).
    • With 2 cross bars.
    • With 3 cross bars.
  • Nylon Fan Cap
  • Additional tubing in 50 or 100 foot lengths, available in the following colors – blue, black, clear, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow.
  • Reusable Blower Door fan shipping box made of black corrugated plastic.
  • Custom fan calibration that meets ANSI E779, Army Corps of Engineers and other related standards.

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