EC-DR5 Digital Receiver Wand


SL5200, SL5150, E5200, E5150, M5200 EasyCAM Support Equipment

Precisely locate sewer pipe issues including their depth for corrective action!

Category: SKU: EC-DR5


Handheld digital XT512 Receiver Wand and EasyCAM Camera head position locator

  • Operates on 512-HZ Frequency Mode
  • Passive Detection of 50Hz or 60Hz and Sonde
  • 9V Akaline Single Battery With 18-Hr Intermittent Use
  • One-Button Depth Measurement
  • Digital Readout Display – Signal Strength (Peak)
  • Audio & Visual Output
  • Battery and Sensitivity Indicators
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight
  • Retractable Wand for Easy Storage




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