EC-RK Repair Kit


Experience Zero-Down Time with the all new EasyCam Repair Kit!

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EasyCam was proud of the 1-3 day turn-around for part replacements and repairs compared to competitors’ 3-4 week turn-around, but it just wasn’t good enough.

With the new EC-RK repair kit, EasyCam can now offer Zero-Down Time! Now you can have your own repair kit with replacement parts right on the premises!

A repair is made instantly and then the part can be shipped back to EasyCam so we can make your repair kit whole again. Perfect for the customer with multiple cameras.

Seriously! What other Sewer Camera Company is constantly inventing ways to make life easier for you?

Our repair kit includes:

  • Camera head
  • Camera skid
  • RCA adapter
  • Allen wrench
  • 512 Transmitter
  • Spring assembly
  • Charger and power supply


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