EasyCAM E5150


One of the Best Choices in a Sewer and confined Space Camera built here in America in Naples, Florida!  Email or call for details


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The Same Heavy Duty Cable as Easycam’s Flagship Model, in Hand Carry Format!Color Camera with Sapphire Lens

  • 512 Hz Transmitter
  • 150-Ft Full Size Heavy Duty Push Rod
  • 7″ Portable Handheld Recordable Monitor
  • Recordable to SD Media
  • 180º Image Inversion
  • Voice Over
  • Cordless, Safe 12-Volt Operation
  • Mid-Size Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Centering Skid
  • WIFI available to add on all our models and includes a Free Samsung Tablet for $595.
  • Easy-Replaceable Modular Components
  • Two-Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • Section 179 Tax Savings Up to $2,000.00

Enhance this unit to inspect smaller size drain pipes using our EMB75

Weight33 lbs


“4 years ago, we started offering sewer scope services to our clients. This has been a great revenue stream. Through November 2016 we did 335 sewer scopes for a total revenue of nearly $73,000. Not only have we increased our sewer scope numbers, but it has also helped us increase our home inspection numbers because agents love our one stop shop business model.” Michael Wicklund, The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc.”


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