Here at Monroe Infrared, we know sometimes the work needing to be done during IR inspections goes beyond what standard imagers can offer. Therefore, we provide you with both standard professional thermal cameras and specialty FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras. We’ve got the cameras you need, no matter what type of inspection you’re doing.

We carry a wide selection of specialty FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras, including the newly introduced FLIR GF77 multipurpose gas finder and high-resolution thermal imager, FLIR Tactical Monoculars, FLIR Marine Night Vision, FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging, the FLIR AX8, the FLIR K2, and the FLIR Si124 Sound Imaging Camera. So, no matter your inspection needs, you’ll find the right camera.

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FLIR Tactical Monocular

FLIR Marine Night Vision

FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging





FLIR Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera