Handheld Imaging
Unlike “night vision” devices that require a low level of light, our handheld thermal imagers to see the unseeable and can make all the difference both in routine operations and in critical tactical situations, which often require fast and informed life-or-death decisions by law enforcement officers, firefighters, security personnel, or other first responders.

Mobile Imaging
Thermal imaging detects small differences in temperature, providing a detailed picture in total darkness or visibility is limited. It is used in unmanned military aircraft, and BMW and Cadillac use it to improve night driving. Our pan-and-tilt systems can be mounted on cars, boats, and other vehicles to help apprehend suspects on the run, aid in search-and-rescue, and see drug deals going down.

Security & Surveillance
Cameras dependent on visible light are useless at night or in poor visibility without supplemental illumination from lights, LEDs, or lasers. Thermal security cameras are the first choice for port security, long range detection, critical infrastructure (nuclear plants, airports, etc.), perimeters too large to illuminate, and installations where lighting is unwelcome.

Weapon Sights
Thermal weapon sights can see clearly in complete darkness and through smoke, dust, fog and even daytime foliage. Thermal sights provide an undeniable tactical advantage in limited visibility for target acquisition, reconnaissance, and covert operations. Thermal sights complement day sights and can also serve as handheld imagers for scouting and surveillance.

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Flir infrared camera specializing in thermal imaging.A wall-mounted flir camera designed for infrared surveillance.