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FLIR C2 and C3 Carrying Pouch

FLIR C2/C3 Pouch


Keep your powerful C2 or C3 FLIR imager safe from accidental drops, spills and other accidents.  Pouch is heavy duty military nylon with large Velcro closure for securing your imager. Hook to your felt or put in the tool pouch.

Power Supply for Ex Series, USB Micro – T198534

Ex-Series Power Supply


Power Supply for Ex Series, USB Micro – T198534 is a A/C plug with a USB Micro end to be used with USB Cable for Ex Series – T198533 that plug directly into the camera

Car Charger for C2 and Ex Series Imagers, USB Micro – T198532

C- & Ex- Car Charger


Car Charger for Ex Series, USB Micro – T198532 – Allows you to charge your E4, E5, E6 or E8 camera in your automobile by plugging it into your cigarette lighter.

Ex Series Camera Pouch – T198529

Ex Series Pouch


Ex Series Camera Pouch – Durable soft carrying case allows you to store and protect your E Series camera while freeing your hand to do other thing.