IR for Medical

Though we at Monroe Infrared do not perform any type of medical IR inspection, we believe strongly in the promise of Infrared Thermology for Medical Applications.

We have chosen Infrared Medical Solutions and Therma-Scan as partners in our efforts to positively support “getting the word out”. Please take a moment to read below and if interested click on the logos or links to learn more about IR for Medical.

Infrared Medical Solutions has created a unique turnkey solution that is redefining what early detection of breast cancer can mean.

  • Thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive Infrared images of the human body
  • Thermology is sometimes referred to as digital Infrared imaging and utilizes highly resolute & sensitive Infrared (thermographic) cameras
  • Thermology is completely non-contact & involves no form of energy imparted onto or into the body
  • The IMS breast cancer screening solution identifies and measures metabolic changes in a patient’s physiology & can see the effects of breast cancers while they are still in their earliest stages of development
  • Studies indicate Infrared Mammography has been shown to identify specific indications of malignant breast disease five to eight (5-8) years before specific features are detected by X-Ray Mammography.

Infrared Medical Solutions offers medical practitioners seamless integration between the latest imaging technology and the highest quality image interpretation available in the world.

Infrared Medical Solutions
American Academy of Thermology
American Academy of Thermology