Infrared Technology for Data Centers

Data Centers today have become the new “cannot fail” critical support operation for companies.  The impacts of shutting down can cost thousands of dollars even for a disruption of only a few minutes.  Regularly scheduled Professional Infrared Inspections of your Data Centers ensure that potential & immediate problem areas are identified for corrective action planning and execution.  Safety is always first and uptime consistency and reliability are right behind it.  There is every reason to discuss this predictive infrared service with accredited and accomplished infrared industry professionals.  Avoid unnecessary & costly issues which are invisible to the naked eye!

Items checked that can be thermally trended include Cooling Systems & Heat Generating Equipment, Electrical Switchgear, Motors & Motor Controls, HVAC Equipment, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Automatic Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, Batteries, and all Electrical Devices.  There is just too much at risk to allow a powerful predictive inspection tool like infrared thermography not to be used regularly at every data center in the country.

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