Infrared for Equestrian

Prior to Infrared Thermography Veterinarians were only able to locate issues suffered by horses with traditional methods such as observation, palpation and summation. Today use of IR technology allows for the identification of abnormalities before serious injury or damage sets in. Consider Infrared Thermography for the following:

  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation
  • Hoof Balancing
  • Preventive / Proactive Medicine
  • Pre-Event Analysis
  • Inflammation
  • Saddle Fit
  • Nerve / Muscle Injuries

Non-Invasive Evaluation

Thermal Imaging is non-contact, non-invasive, non-upsetting, and very powerful. Heat patterns can indicate issues long before your horse noticeable “tells” you with a limp or other change in behavior. Saddles fitting incorrectly cause compensation by the horse and incremental heat signatures from the extra contact & effort exerted. Infrared can identify issues before they become visible with traditional X-rays or even MRI evaluations, allowing you to address the issue and care for your horse.

Proactive Checking

Infrared Thermography allows you to “see” what your horse might tell you about could they talk. Muscles, tissue and bone injuries all propagate incremental heat inside the body which then can be clearly seen and evaluated with a thermal image. Protect your investment while you protect yourself, your kids who ride and the horse or horses you care about. Technology has advanced so that we can easily come to you and conduct the scan at your location.

Monitoring Healing Progress

IR images allow for the progressive tracking of healing in horses as well as other animals and humans. The heat patterns created by the body working to repair itself are most prominent immediately following the injury as well as immediately following some type of intervention (surgery, adjustments, etc.). These patterns then move towards more normal presentation as the healing process continues. If healing is progressing the intensity of patterns visible on the infrared scan will be easily seen.

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