Infrared for the Transportation Industry

Infrared Thermal Cameras provide visibility to things the naked eye cannot see.  Whether it is excess heat coming off an axle bearing, not enough heat coming out of brakes which need adjustment, cold air leaking into a trailer due to an open seam or hole in the roof, or night time personal security when entering and exiting the tractor, an IR camera provides flexibility and security at an affordable price.

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For over 33 years Monroe Technology has been there for the professional thermographer. Monroe Infrared helps clients understand, select and train to maximize the value achieved with the right infrared camera.  Contact us to discuss and review your applications, expectations and budget constraints. 

The i-Series is a great tool for those who are in the trenches. Put the i-Series in your tool box today and use the power of infrared to visually detect problems before they detect you. Please contact us to discuss and review all of these as necessary to ensure you make the best decision for your business!

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