Flat Roof Infrared (Thermal) Moisture Inspection

Flat Roof Infrared Inspections detect moisture and identifies where it has become entrained (drawn into and transportable within a roof system) long before it breaks through and drips down a wall or onto a floor below. IR Roof Inspections allow for nondestructive identification of specific areas on flat roofs where moisture has infiltrated the substrate and is deteriorating the insulation (R) value of the material, reducing the strength of the overall roof system and negatively impacting the energy costs required to maintain the internal working environment. The IR Inspection can save building owners thousands of dollars by pinpointing problem areas for resolution instead of tearing off part or all of a roof for replacement.

Moisture within walls, insulation or other building material may indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues or other problems leading to corrosion, mold, and mildew. Proactive annual or semi-annual Infrared Roofing Inspections are a tremendous Predictive, Cost-Savings tool for building owners and operators.

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