What are some of the features of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Basically, a thermal imaging camera is capable of saving the thermal image to either its internal memory or to a memory card depending on the camera capabilities.  Once the infrared camera user has completed capturing images, they can be viewed and often edited on the camera or downloaded to a PC where the images can be formatted on a report with the software that is included in the camera purchase.  Infrared cameras can be purchased with the bare minimum of features that will only read the temperature of the fixed center crosshairs on the display, where other cameras will allow the user to select multiple moveable crosshairs and compare the temperatures between them.  Or select the box area feature which shows the high, low and average temperature within a box on the display.  Thermal imaging infrared cameras have multiple color palettes such as black/white, iron or rainbow that are user selectable.  The iron palette is most commonly used by home inspectors.  The black & white palette helps identify finer details on an image and is often the choice of experienced thermographers in the field.  Color palettes can be added to an image during report production afterwards to satisfy the presentation desires of a customer or marketing plan.  The rainbow palette has the best thermal sensitivity for displaying the differences in temperature.  See sample images below of some color palettes.

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Infrared Technology Knowledgebase

  • Iron palette of fuse bus bar
  • Black/White/Gray palette
  • Rainbow palette
  • Hot metal palette
  • Amber palette

More sophisticated cameras may include:

  • A color alarm feature that allows the user to select a temperature and the camera will only display a color thermal image of anything that is either above or below the selected temperature.
  • A picture-in-picture feature that will display a color thermal image (which is a quarter of the size of the display) inside a standard digital image. Temperature readings are limited to only the thermal portion of this feature.
  • An IR Fusion feature that allows the user to blend either the maximum, minimum or average temperature of the thermal image with a standard digital image.