How do I get trained to use an IR camera?

Professional infrared thermography training programs exist today.  The certification levels that are available for people include Levels I, II, and III.  Most individuals purchasing an infrared camera today and intending to utilize it in their business for standard applications will or should pursue an accredited Level I Thermography Certification course from a recognized authority in the industry.  Level I Thermography entails a comprehensive 4-day training program, quizzes, a final exam and a field assignment to validate the training accomplished.  Level I Thermography is considered Qualitative and focused on the science, understanding and application of thermal imaging for qualitative purposes.  Level II is the follow on next step for those desiring to have a deeper knowledge of the theory behind and application thereof for thermal imaging.  Level II teaches Quantitative Thermography Principals where specific temperature measurement (often broken down in hundredths of a degree) can be analyzed, reviewed and presented.  The highest level of recognized professional Thermography training today is Level III which essentially creates in the individual the confidence and proven knowledge gain to not only execute all facets of thermal camera use but also qualifies you to create company-based training programs in which infrared training can be completed.

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