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The Introduction to Infrared Research and Testing course is for individuals interested in using infrared camera technology for thermal analysis and measurement in a research or scientific setting.

This course will cover heat transfer and infrared radiation science with a detailed explanation of the functionality of FLIR ExaminIR software. Course participants will discover how to properly set up the camera and software for optimal image presentation, data collection, data analysis, and reporting.

Course Prerequisites

Students registered for this course should have a basic understanding of heat transfer and infrared theory. It is recommended that all students complete the online Getting Started with R&D Thermography Systems and Thermography Basics courses before the class.

Course Highlights

The course will consist of the following:

  • Review theories behind infrared thermography and heat transfer
  • Compare system components of thermal and photon-based camera systems
  • Discuss the effects of emission, reflection, and transmission on IR camera measurements
  • Learn how to correct measurements when imaging through windows
  • Use spectral filters to enhance measurement and imaging results
  • Hands-on IR camera set-up and FLIR ExaminIR software connection and operation

Course Requirements

  • Attendance for 100% of the classroom time
  • Active participation in any lab exercises and/or class discussion

**A copy of FLIR ExaminIR Max software with license dongle is included with tuition.


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