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The Advanced Radiometry training course is for researchers and test range personnel who measure or want to measure the radiance and signatures of objects or scenes using calibrated infrared cameras.

This course covers radiometry theory and a detailed explanation of the functionality of FLIR ExaminIR radiometric software. Course participants will discover how to properly set up the camera system for optimal image presentation and data collection, calibrate the camera data for radiometric and temperature measurement, compensate for varying atmospheric conditions, and more.

Course Prerequisites

Students registered for this course should complete the Research and Science Level I course or be experienced with heat transfer and infrared theory. Additionally, students should have an intermediate understanding of FLIR ExaminIR software.

Course Highlights

The course will consist of the following:

  • Radiometry theory – Definition of units and measurements
  • Infrared camera transfer functions – Electrical signal output versus radiance signal input
  • Hardware selection – Cameras, lenses, cold and warm filters
  • Radiometric calibration – Camera system calibrations using cavity and area blackbodies
  • Effects of ND filters and bandpass filters on calibrations
  • How to calculate what ND warm filter you need for a given temperature range of target
  • Converting raw data to radiometric data
  • Converting radiometric data to temperatures
  • Measuring target emissivity and calibrating emissivity into the system
  • Atmospheric effects on measurements and how to calibrate them out in some cases
  • Superframing techniques
  • Setup and operation of FLIR SC- and RS-Series infrared cameras

Course Requirements

  • Attendance for 100% of the classroom time
  • Active participation in any lab exercises and/or class discussion
  • 80% passing grade on final exam

**A copy of FLIR ExaminIR Max software with license dongle is included with tuition.


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