Register for ITC classes with Monroe Infrared and Save Money!  $325 off for earlybird 30+ days in advance and $125 off always.


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Need to earn an ITC Thermography Certification yet were unable to attend a regional class?  Now you can!

The Infrared Training Center (ITC) is teaching several of their industry standard-setting thermography training certification classes online. Same courses, taught by the same expert Level 3 Master Thermography instructors, as in-person courses, yet available to you from your home or office.

Once you register for Zoom thermography training class, we’ll mail the course manual and supplies, as well as login credentials for the live Zoom conference. Once you successfully complete all course requirements you will receive the coveted ITC  Thermography Certification Designation – the Gold Standard of professional thermographers.


If you prefer to attend one of our regionally presented classes or one taught at the Nashua NH headquarters we have many regularly scheduled class dates.  Click here for more details and the schedule.