On-site Infrared TrainingWe understand some businesses today cannot afford the loss of productive time and/or cost to send people to a 4-day Infrared Certification Course.  Monroe Infrared creates flexible alternative training opportunities for clients by bringing one of our professional IR trainers to your facility or locations near you for either a 2-day, 3-day, or full 4+ day Level I Infrared Certification Course.  We can customize a specific training course to address the issues, topics and requirements of your business while affording the opportunity for more of your staff to attend and at a lower cost.

The economies of on-site infrared training are clear:

  • We train up to 20 individuals per class, with a focus on hands-on experience
  • We allow your employees to “stay at home” avoiding travel, lodging and food expenses
  • We educate all or most of your personnel who may utilize an infrared camera providing consistency of knowledge, mutual support of applications and greater competency for employing the technology to benefit the business’ bottom line
  • You save substantially on the cost per person while minimizing operational disruptions

Building Performance InstituteOn-Site Infrared Training Courses:

  • Monroe Infrared 1 Day Training
  • Monroe Infrared 2 Day Training
  • Monroe Infrared 4-Day Level I Thermography Certification
  • Monroe Infrared 4-Day Level II Thermography Certification
  • Monroe Infrared 4-Day Level I Building Investigations Certification
  • Monroe Infrared 4-Day Level I Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Certification
  • Monroe Infrared 4-Day Level II Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Certification

Contact information:
E-mail us: training@monroeinfrared.com
Call us toll free: (800) 221-0163