Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection – save $125 now!


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The Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection training course is a four day class geared to the FLIR GF309 (or equivalent) furnace camera user and focuses on its use for a variety of industrial furnace applications. This course addresses GF309 setup and operation, Level I heat transfer and physics, furnace applications and measurements, as well as inspection methods and analysis methods using FLIR Tools+. It is highly recommended that each student bring a laptop with FLIR Tools+ pre-installed or arrange for rental as image analysis is a significant portion of this course.

Each student will learn how to perform inspections with their FLIR GF309 furnace camera which can provide temperature readings across the entire surface of a heater/boiler/furnace and will help them to inspect faster, work safer and avert unscheduled shutdowns. Images, video and radiometric video from the FLIR GF-309 are internally recorded for analysis in the field or back in your office. Attendees who complete all training course requirements will receive a Level I Infrared thermography certification.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to thermal imaging, learn what the camera “sees”
  • Image interpretation, manipulation and analysis
  • FLIR GF309 camera operation – setup to record still images, movies and radiometric sequences
  • Learn basic thermal science and heat transfer
  • Learn basic infrared physics and identify several methods to measure emissivity of furnace tubes
  • Interpret thermograms and make informed decisions using heat transfer concepts to analyze images
  • Reporting – Learn how to report your findings with FLIR Tools+ IR reporting software, including how to create panorama images
  • Avoid costly mistakes – distinguish between true energy and reflected energy
  • Learn and understand several other applications for IR within your facility


03/28/2017         03/31/2017         Baton Rouge, LA

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