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Monroe Infrared is partnered with the Infrared Training Center (ITC) which is the largest infrared training company in the world. Register for ITC classes through Monroe Infrared and save money.  Same classes, lower cost for you!  Call us or send an email to learn more.

The infrared home inspection training course is designed to instruct the professional home inspector in the practice of thermography. The course provides basic thermography training including: infrared camera operation, infrared fundamentals, thermal science and heat transfer. This two day course provides thermography examples of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical construction defects and other infrared applications specific to the home inspection profession. Attendees learn how to create professional infrared reports by image interpretation and the use of correct terminology.

This course includes a review of software reporting tools, as well as basic infrared camera operation. We highly recommend you take one of our online web courses for your specific FLIR infrared camera before coming to class.

Please note online training may not be available for some infrared camera models. If an online course is not offered for your infrared camera type, please refer to your user’s manual. Prior infrared camera training is not required to attend, but it is highly recommended to benefit the most from the course.

Course Objectives

  • Why and how thermography works
  • Basic infrared camera operation
  • Principles of infrared science and heat transfer for home inspections
  • How to properly interpret infrared images and avoid reading errors
  • Where and how thermography can be used in home inspections
  • How to safely use thermography
  • How to professionally convey findings using reporting software
  • How to assist clients in the purchase decision
  • How to market thermography in the home inspection profession

Who Should Take this Course

    • Home inspectors
    • Energy auditors
    • Real estate agents
    • Building inspectors
    • Home owners


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Don’t see a training scheduled in your area?  Our niche is to bring thermography classes to our clients, at your facilities, anywhere in the USA and sometimes outside the country, too.  If you have a 4 or 5 employees up to two dozen who will benefit from professional thermography training conducted locally to reduce travel cost and time away from work & home, GIVE US A CALL or EMAIL!  We may be able to set up a specific class, focused on your application needs, right in your own facility or city. 

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