New FLIR E75, E85 and E95 Thermal Imagers

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Monroe Infrared is proud to offer FLIR’s newest Exx series thermal imagers in the FLIR E75, E85 and E95. Priced at $7000, $8500 and $10,000, respectively, FLIR redesigned them from the handle up to deliver the absolute best performance, resolution, and sensitivity of any pistol-grip handheld thermal camera on the market today.  Each unit can be ordered with a 24 or 42 degree lens.  Incremental lenses (14, 24, 42 degree) are $1500 each, $1400 when purchased at the same time as the camera. 

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The new Exx-Series cameras are packed with features you need to quickly troubleshoot electrical distribution and mechanical systems, evaluate building insulation and moisture conditions, and inspect hundreds of other industry application systems so you can avoid failures, increase facility safety, maximize uptime, improve comfort, reduce air quality issues, and increase efficiency of support systems.

The new FLIR Exx-Series cameras now offer:E95 right profile smaller

  • Interchangeable, auto-calibrating lenses
  • Up to 464 x 348 (161,472) Infrared Resolution
  • FLIR’s Best MSX image enhancement
  • UltraMax processing for 4x pixel resolution
  • A larger, 4 inch display that’s 25% brighter
  • A responsive new interface that’s more intuitive
  • Improved organization and reporting options

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E95 angle front smaller
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Key Features:
• 320 x 240 up to 464 x 348 true native thermal resolution
• Laser-assisted autofocus and continuous autofocus
• Wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C
• Vibrant, 4” optically-bonded PCAP touchscreen with 160° viewing angle
• Wi-Fi, METERLiNK® connectivity
• Streamlined reporting features
• FLIR’s industry-leading 2-5-10 warranty

FLIR Ultramax infrared resolution

FLIR UltraMax

FLIR UltraMax is a resolution-enhancing, proprietary technology available only on FLIR T-Series thermal cameras. UltraMax increases the resolution of thermal images taken with the E75, E85 and E95 by 4 times, providing a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy while preserving all radiometric data. For the E75, this means 320 x 240 pixel thermal images can be converted to 640 x 480 pixels. This allows for more detailed analysis of smaller components with the thermal imager because more pixels improve the camera’s distance to spot size ratio. In order for this to be possible, UltraMax captures 16 thermal images in less than one second. Each image is slightly offset from the others due to natural human movement. This data is then combined to form an image that includes many more pixels of the target area. The image below shows an example of how UltraMax enhancement works.

FLIR T420 MSX image blending

FLIR MSX Thermal Fusion

While thermal images provide descriptive temperature data, they often lack details that are easily visible with the naked eye such as words and numbers. It’s because of this that identical digital images are often necessary when analyzing and reporting on thermal images. With FLIR MSX, the need for digital reference images is virtually eliminated. That’s because FLIR MSX extracts the high-contrast highlights from the built-in visible camera images and then etches these details onto corresponding thermal images. This is also possible with thermal videos. The images below were taken with a FLIR thermal camera and show the differences in clarity and detail between MSX and standard thermal images.

Find Hidden Deficiencies

Uncover hard-to-find building envelope deficiencies and moisture penetration, and measure the area of the damage on-screen.

  • Detects temperature differences down to 30 mK for early identification of air leaks
  • MSX® image enhancements add perspective to scenes, with edge detail on windows and doors
  • True 42° field of view (FOV) standard lens allows for surveys of wide areas with a single lens
  • Measure area (m2 or ft2) of moisture intrusion on screen with data from laser assisted autofocus

E75 model laser pointer area calculator example


hot and cold plant piping

Increase Plant Safety
The Exx-Series improves plant safety by helping you diagnose and report electrical problems before they result in fire or damage.
• Detect temperature differences down to 30 mK for immediate identification of failing components
• Interchangeable lenses, from wide angle to telephoto, offer complete coverage of near and far targets
• Lenses auto-calibrate with camera for the most precise temperature readings
• MSX® image enhancement adds the depth and detail to image

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