Those less savory often do their homework when selecting a target to rob or a building/home to break in to. Advertise the use of Infrared Cameras as part of the Security in place to ensure that would-be problem makers think twice. Compliment a video surveillance program with handheld Infrared imagers that can be immediately taken to a specific location and used to sweep large, dark areas much faster than an individual could do with a flashlight. Thermal imagers show details not visible to the naked eye such as heat left by someone’s hand on a wall or their footstep on the ground.  Thermal cameras make tremendous economical sense by increasing your tactical advantage for securing larger commercial and industrial facilities without the need of expensive hardware or incremental headcount.

Monroe Infrared recommends you consider the Thermal Imagers below.  Infrared has never been so rugged, affordable and helpful to the security professional.

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