FLIR E Series Thermal Imager

Any driver worth his or her salt knows that regularly checking your rig keeps it running down the highway safely and on-time. Improve your ability to identify issues proactively by including a simple to use handheld IR camera with your walk around checks. Breaks should be warm and can be easily identified if they are not with an IR camera. Bearings going bad are hotter than normal bearings. Trailer leaks can be easily seen from inside with the IR camera. Wires fraying and starting to short warm up before failing. Hoses starting to crack may be identified. If under the hood fluid leaks can be easily spotted by the IR camera for determination of whether it is a serious issue or just oversplash of washer fluid. Provide the most consistent operation of your tractor trailer combination and increase your earning potential with the inclusion of a durable, handheld IR camera to your toolbox.

Monroe Infrared recommends you consider the Thermal Imagers (IR Cameras) below. Infrared has never been so rugged, affordable and helpful to the transportation professional.

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