FLIR E Series Thermal Imager

Checking axle breaks in the yard with as little travel as moving the tractor or trailer from parked to the bay.  Thermal imaging allows you to see a visual presentation of the heat “picture”  the IR camera views.  “See” those brakes out of adjustment or not functioning because they do not heat up or warm enough to confirm solid contact.  Identify seam separations and damaged roof corners which are allowing cold or warm air into van trailers while letting refrigerated air escape from reefers.  Check for insulation issues.  Identify leaks clearly with the infrared image which might be impossible to see with the naked eye.  Wet floors and walls scream out when viewed by the infrared camera.  “Seeing” a heat signature down to 1/100th of a degree allows the trained maintenance pro to predictively identify issues before they become serious enough to fail.

Monroe Infrared recommends you consider the Thermal Imagers to the right.  Infrared has never been so rugged, affordable and helpful to the transportation professional.

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