FLIR E Series Thermal Imager

Thermal cameras allow drivers to identify potentially expensive, time-consuming issues proactively. Seam separations on trailer walls and damaged roofs allow moisture in which create damage claims and/or refused freight. Refusals are the most expensive as the follow on loads cannot be picked up on time. Downtime for repairs creates no revenue for the driver and generally makes for frustration all around. Increase your chances of identifying trailer leaks with the regular inclusion of a handheld infrared camera with every pre-and post-trip, and delivery empty trailer inspection. The thermal video image afforded the driver increases the likelihood of identifying problems several fold and everyone prefers to deal with an issue before sitting at a customer or vendor dock. Additionally, using the IR camera as part of a pre-/ post-trip inspection and regular fuel stop walk-around identifies possible wiring and hose issues which are better addressed while stopped than during a breakdown on the road.

Monroe Infrared recommends you consider the Thermal Imagers to the right.  Infrared has never been so rugged, affordable and helpful to the transportation professional.

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