Campus Security

Campus security is more important than ever to the thousands of students who traverse campuses late at night. And it is equally important and imperative to college boards, directors and major donors that the image of their campus be a totally positive one. Security is a real concern to parents of kids heading off to school. Campuses these days are large, often with many thousands of students spread out over several blocks. Providing visible security on campuses has proven to be an effective contributor to deterrence. Infrared Cameras provide the security professional and college security volunteer alike a means to “see” into all the darkest areas of the campus. The flexibility of a easily utilized, handheld imager provides increased awareness while the rugged, hard-to-break aspect of the Monroe Infrared Security Camera ensures many years of use at an affordable price.

Monroe Infrared recommends you consider the Thermal Imagers below.  Infrared has never been so rugged, affordable and helpful to the security professional.

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