ADEPT by Monroe Infrared Asset Data Evaluation Performance Tool

Monroe Infrared Aerial division Shield sUAS

What ADEPT Does

  • Securely processes compiled data allowing clients 24/7 access to generate, review and download comprehensive inspection results
  • Utilizes precise GPS locations captured with every component image to update systemwide GIS data or build it completely for clients
  • Integrates professionally licensed linemen who visually inspects every component and connection from every possible angle, providing specific insights and recommendations permanently associated with each image and structure
  • Tags and presents identified issues in high-resolution imagery while providing exact GPS locations to help maintenance planners and scheduling be more efficient in resource assignment
  • Agnostic reports allow data to be ingested into Utility SAP or GIS-based software assisting in resource management, budget forecasting, operational reporting, asset lifecycle analysis, and compliance needs
  • Software stores data on a secure cloud platform so you don’t have to worry about managing hard drives or servers
  • A secure and scalable cloud-based platform allows for comprehensive year-over-year performance analysis of the entire system, narrowing the focus to components prematurely failing and on problem areas needing reengineering

ADEPT Maintenance & Budgetary Advantages

    • ADEPT provides efficient and actionable professional lineman insights on the utility infrastructure


    • Easy-to-use customer software platform allow quick access to inspection data with download capabilities allowing customers to choose how they want to accept the deliverables


  • ADEPT’s Comprehensive Reports allow you to manage the budget more tightly. With ADEPT’s provided bill of materials, procure the components needed, add expected labor time and rate to fix the issue, and generate a preventative maintenance cost estimate to quickly distribute for budgetary approval.

Advantages Afforded by UAS Data Capture & Analysis


UAS (drone) Aerial inspections minimize personnel risks by visually accessing elevated equipment, hard-to-access areas and dangerous apparatus & electrical connections without requiring a lineman to climb a structure or jockey a bucket truck into a safe position


  • Aerial Inspections are safer and more time efficient to inspect distribution and transmission lines in order to both maintain and improve system reliability, reduce outages, prevent unscheduled downtime, and reinforce customer goodwill
  • Faster inspections identifying and exactly pinpointing issues help reduce or eliminate unscheduled outages through proactive versus reactive maintenance
  • Maximize the application of professional lineman competency to focus on and correct identified issues and problems
  • Utilizing ADEPT’s Inspection Deliverable and the Bill of Material provided, you can cut down on time spent procuring components and know exactly how many are needed to fix identified problems