Commercial and Industrial Infrared Inspections throughout the U.S.


Electrical Safety Inspections

Conducting Annual Infrared Safety Inspections of Electrical Equipment identify excess heat on electrical apparatus and predictively identifies electrical issues such as loose connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, overloaded or imbalanced circuits and a myriad of other problematic electrical conditions…read more

Flat Roof Moisture Intrusion

More efficient and more effective than any other non-destructive or destructive maintenance testing procedure, infrared scanning by a certified thermographer detects moisture and identifies where it has become entrained (drawn into and transportable) within a roof system long before it breaks through and drips off a ceiling or wall onto occupants below…read more

Photovoltaic (PV) Inspections

Infrared Inspections of roof or ground mounted photovoltaic solar electric generation systems identify defective solar panels, loose combiner box wire connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, overloaded or imbalanced circuits and a myriad of other problematic electrical conditions…read more

Energy Inspections

Only thermal imaging gives precise visualization of temperature differences due to air infiltration (cold or warm air coming in), air exfiltration (warm or cool air escaping), missing insulation and moisture damage, which cannot be seen with the human eye…read more

HVAC Inspections

Using Infrared thermograpy can greatly improve your diagnostic of HVAC systems.  Performance and longevity are effected by excessive heat due to fatigued bearings, motors, compressors, fans, pumps, and humidifiers  etc.  Thermal imaging in some cases is helpful in detecting leaks in supply and return ducts which otherwise my go undetected.

Moisture Inspections

An Infrared Inspection can save building owners thousands of dollars by pinpointing problem areas before they are visible and more costly to repair. Moisture within walls, insulation or other building material may indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues or other problems leading to corrosion, mold, and mildew. Proactive routine Infrared Inspections are a tremendous Predictive, Cost-Savings tool.

Mechanical Inspections

Temperature variations found during an Infrared Inspection will identify even the smallest of problems, subsequently averting unscheduled down time or catastrophic damage to mechanical components and machinery. The Inspection Report and  knowledgeable experience of our Thermographer helps businesses develop, implement and maintain a cost-effective Predictive, Preventive, and Proactive maintenance program.

Data Center Inspections

Regularly scheduled Thermal Inspections of your Data Centers conducted by professionally certified and experienced thermographers ensure that potential & immediate problem areas are identified for corrective action planning and execution prior to unexpected (and definitely unwanted) downtime is caused by a system failure…read more

Infrared Maintenance Inspections

Infrared Imaging should be an integral part ALL Maintenance Inspections. No other technology provides maintenance personnel, facilities managers, engineers, electricians and contractors with so much valuable data immediately for consideration, reaction, correction, and proactive planning. IR inspections are outstanding components of every Preventive/Predictive Maintenance program.

Are You:

  • Supervising Maintenance and Engineering Operations
  • Responsible for Efficient Facility Maintenance & Management
  • Managing continuous “up-time” of the corporate data center and company technology infrastructure
  • Overwatching Energy Efficiency and reducing your company’s energy footprint
  • Conducting Building Energy Audits for Retrofits & Improvement Projects

Monroe Infrared offers an economical, proactive and non destructive support solution. For a fraction of the cost of system failure, Monroe Infrared provides professional Infrared Inspections to Commercial, Industrial, Property Management, Facility Engineers and other businesses nationwide with little if any disruption of everyday operations.

Monroe Infrared has been conducting professional commercial and industrial IR inspections throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Central U.S. for over 30 years. With the addition of West Coast coverage in 2015, we can meet any national company’s infrared needs.

Talk to us about your property or building management situation. IR inspections are affordable, provide critical information proactively to keep equipment and systems running safely and smoothly. IR Inspections identify issues early, such as moisture intrusion in roofs, so they can be addressed, often while still under warranty.

The Benefits Of Infrared Inspections Are Impressive:

  • Improved Safety of the Facility
  • Predictively & Proactively Identify Issues and Prevent Loss of Production Uptime
  • Energy Conservation / LEED Certification through identification of Energy Conservation Solutions
  • Reduce Facility and Operational Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Process Efficiency and Manufacturing Yield
  • Reduce or Eliminate Preventable Safety Accidents & Incidents
  • Lower Insurance Rates

Additional Information about:

Our Client Base & Experience Background Includes Infrared Inspections for:

  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Operations
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochem/Refining
  • Food Processing
  • Roofing/Moisture Inspection
  • Utilities
  • Theme/Entertainment Parks
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Property Management/Office Buildings
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Retail
  • Multipurpose/Municipal Facilities
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Power Generation

We have contacts to conduct annual and/or semi-annual infrared inspections for some of the largest commercial and industrial companies in the U.S. We will provide trade references upon request.