Monroe Infrared now offers home inspectors the best sewer line camera and it is built in the USA!

An affordable sewer line inspection offered by a home inspector increases the home buyer’s peace of mind while increasing revenue and differentiating the inspector with real estate agents and clients alike

“4 years ago, we started offering sewer scope services to our clients. This has been a great revenue stream. Through November 2016 we did 335 sewer scopes for a total revenue of nearly $73,000. Not only have we increased our sewer scope numbers, but it has also helped us increase our home inspection numbers because agents love our one stop shop business model.” Michael Wicklund, The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc.

Differentiate, provide value, increase revenue & ROI. Learn more and make the decision to invest in yourself and your business!

EasyCAM – the best sewer inspection camera, designed by a plumber and built here in America!


Click above for a detailed Q&A with EasyCAM President & Founder and 30-year professional plumber Rick Joy about the use and value of the M5200 inspection camera the locator wand system for home inspector.

Home buyers appreciate and gladly pay for the additional piece of mind offered by confirming their sewer or septic line is clear and free of issues.  Give them the visual video confirmation needed to share with the home seller and have the issues addressed before they move in!


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Recommended system and support components for home inspectors is the EasyCAM M5200 and ECDR5 Locator Wand. Call 800-221-0163 to learn more and place your order.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT PRICING! Save $595, get free WiFi capability added to your EasyCAM purchase through September 30, 2017!

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This equipment does qualify for lease purchase options. See our Lease Options to determine if you want to apply for approval (there is no cost or obligation with our leasing partner Lease Corporation of America).  Learn more about EasyCAM >>>.

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