Exx 42 Degree Lens

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Advanced state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging with FLIR’s first camera in the Exx Performance Series line.  Crisp, vibrant imagery with 43,200 temp measurement points enhanced by FLIR’s patented MSX®.  Free Shipping and No Sales Tax (except Maine)!

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FLIR’s E75 offers superior resolution and a host of advanced application enhancements to make you more efficient. The FLIR E75’s outstanding thermal sensitivity allow you to diagnose problems and find hidden deficiencies that other thermal imagers will miss!

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With many high performance features, the E85 offers wide temperature ranges and a laser distance meter that provides precise autofocusing and also allows the user to measure and record distance-to-target and to determine the square area of a target on-screen.

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The FLIR E95 offers every feature of the E75 & E85, plus up to 161,472 points of temperature measurement with wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C. The E95 offers superior spot-size ratio sensitivity to detect even faint temperature differences and produce extremely crisp, clear images.

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Unmatched Autofocus for one-shot or continuous activity, record razor-sharp images for accurate measurements and immediate analysis. 180 degree rotating optical block for maximum view angles and improves ergonomics without sacrificing thoroughness. Self-calibrating lenses provide for immediate application changes and efficiency!

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Sleek, ergonomic design; bright, bold screen; razor-sharp self-calibrating interchangeable lenses; rapid-response intuitive interface that is user-friendly. 180 degree rotating optical block maximizes viewing angles and reduces the need to reach and bend to get great visual access to your inspection targets.

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