What some of our customers have to say…

Please read some of the testimonials from our customers to help you understand our commitment to thermography training and the Infrared community. We pride ourselves as a leader in thermography certification and training, sales support and inspections.

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Process Engineer, Aeronautical Manufacturer, Oct 2017

We are up and running with the new FLIR E95 and getting some promising results so far. We spent a little time going over a debulk bag and found three leaks, two of which would have been nearly impossible to locate otherwise. Pretty much everyone has come up with some use for thermal imaging on their project, and some of the engineers are already talking about getting another one so that they can keep it in their lab area and not have to share.  Thanks again for all of your help!”

Dan Aaron, Home Energy Check LLC., Oct. 2017

“I completed Level 1 ITC training recently. The training was good, but almost all electrical/ industrial as you’d described. The first day and a half was most productive for me as it centered on qualitative reporting. Nothing new, just more of what you had taught. I now have a new camera (E8) so the hands-on portion was really helpful (you did the same, but my C2 camera then just wasn’t enough). When it comes down to it…. For me as a rater/auditor, the CRT course had all that I needed to be successful (and was a whole lot less expensive).  Thanks for exposing me to a whole new way to look at things!!”

Darin McGee, Florida Property Detectives, June 2017

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the class at Safety Harbor.  It was outstanding. I learned from the first minute to the last.  I’ve attached a few IR photos that are included in my inspection report of a condo I inspected just this morning. No doubt my client will be impressed.”

Benny Choy, HomeTeam Home Inspection Apr 2017 (abbreviate)

“I just finished the CRT-Certified Residential Thermographer- class with Monroe Infrared.  Bill Fabian was the instructor for this class. Only one person in the class had any formal training.  The rest of us were all “Level 0” thermographers. The class was great!  Not only did the class cover the basics thoroughly and systematically with a notebook that followed the on-screen presentation, every question we had was answered in an understandable manner.  Break and lunch times were reasonable and we finished each day on time.  I left the class quite confident that I could implement infrared thermography into my inspections without overstating my interpretation of the images.  Additionally, we had some discussion with examples of how other home inspection companies implemented thermography into their businesses with better bottom lines at the end of the year.

If you are thinking of adding IR Thermography to your business, I suggest taking the class first, then make your purchase. That’s what was suggested to me and that’s what I did.  (Bill let me use one of his demo IR cameras since I didn’t have one.) However, if you must make the purchase first, then consider things from the consumer optics perspective. When it comes to cameras, binoculars, rifle scopes etc. buy the best you can afford…or maybe a little better.”

Scott Whitbeck, HomeTeam Inspection Service (Jan 2017)

“We did about 225 sewer scans last year between the two of us and generated $46,000 in incremental revenue.  I am amazed every home inspector doesn’t offer this service.”

Michael Wicklund  The S T E R L I N G Inspection Group, Inc.

“4 years ago, we started offering sewer scope services. This year we did 335 sewer scopes totally nearly $73,000! Not only have we increased our sewer scope numbers, but it’s also helped us increase our home inspection numbers because agents love our one stop shop business model.”

James J. Funkhouser, Past President, The Examination Board Of Professional Home Inspectors and Past President The Northern Virginia ASHI Chapter 

” Thanks again for a great class. While I’m debating going for Level 1 Thermographer status, I can’t imagine walking away from that week-long course with any more useful and practical knowledge of what I do everyday than I have with your Certified Residential Thermographer Course. What is especially great about your class (and rare in the course-teaching industry) is the personal attention you pay to your students. Thank You! “

Rafael Rojas Jr, PHI, 360º Property Inspections, LLC

“I just want to tell you that the Certified Residential Thermographer class was fantastic.  Bill’s knowledge of the subject matter and equipment was clear and concise.  I feel more confident about thermography and look forward to higher level training in the future.”

Bo Boden,  Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC, Education Committee Chair MeCHIPS

“Your (CRT) class was one of the best investments I made in purchasing my infrared camera!! I have been urging others who are interested in the technology to do the same.”

Scott A, Public Utility

We do energy audits on old equipment and safety checks on bus bars and banks of UPS batteries. On a weekly check of our most important UPS system I noticed a cell glowing hot on a bank of 320 dry cell car type UPS batteries.  The temp read 180 degrees F where all the others were 85. We immediately shut that battery bank section down and isolated it from the rest.  These batteries are $1200 each and only 2 years old. When one goes into  thermal runaway (this one was just about there) it cascades right down the line to other cells. Then the amperage starts backing up and cooking cells. It’s dangerous and very expensive if not caught early. These kind of checks were not being done weekly before we bought the IR cameras.  Without our FLIR cameras and the hands-on training Monroe Infrared provided on how to use them this would have been catastrophic event for our company.”

Bruce Torrey, Home Energy Raters, Inc.

” We are using the C2 to find air leakage in new residential construction – very much a quick qualitative application.  In this application we prefer to use the B&W/ grey mode  and a blower door – work’s great!”

Willy Stambaugh, WIN Home Inspection South San Jose

Monroe Infrared Technology’s CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL THERMOGRAPHER (CRT) training course has provided me with the tools and knowledge to confidently add infrared thermography to my home inspection business.  Since completing the course I paid for my FLIR infrared camera in less than a year from the additional business.  The CRT is the perfect  jumping off point for a Home Inspector that wants to add IR to their business but cannot afford the week of time and large expense of a Level I course to get it started.  Christopher Casey and his team are a great asset and I encourage anyone to use it.”

Andy Ling, Top Home Inspections

“It was very nice to have met you and attended your excellent CRT class. Your experience as an inspector and lecturer came through very professionally. While I have used my IR camera for a long time for my EIFS and Moisture Analysis inspections, I really did not have the in-dept understanding of the tech and proper use protocols. You have answered that in the class, loud and clear.”

Jerry Kelly, Southern Home Inspection LLC (on 2-day Home Inspector Infrared Training class)

“ I’d highly recommend Monroe Infrared’s CRT Class to anyone interested in IR Thermography. It was a lot of information explained in a way that was easily understood. This will be a valuable tool for my business.”

Robert Zorzan, Suburban Home Inspection LLC (on 2-day Residential Thermography Course)

I took the CRT class from Monroe Infrared with Bill Fabian as the instructor. Being a home inspector I found the course excellent, all the information geared towards our industry. Bill was a great instructor, professional and always happy to answer all questions. I recommend any Home inspectors looking to get into thermography to take the CRT course. ”

Robert “Bo” Passen, Passen Inspections (on 2-day Residential Thermography Course and purchasing an infrared camera)

“ I have 30 years experience with Thermography and I can tell you that Monroe Infrared’s certified residential thermography class is second to none! Their training was in-depth without being “over the top”. Their customer service is phenomenal. Overall, just a fantastic company to do business with.”

Stan Jackson, BestInspect, LLC (on 2-day Residential Thermography Course)

“ This was one of the most interesting and practical training courses I’ve taken in years. I left the course very comfortable with the camera I purchased. Our instructor, Bill Fabian, was very good at explaining the capabilities and the limitations of thermography using very practical examples, demonstrations, and most of all, actual hands-on practice.  Several of the students in the class that had previously obtained their level 1 certification told me that this class taught them twice as much in half the time!”

David Decker, ID Home Inspections, LLC

Good morning,

“ I received my camera on Monday and am enjoying it very much.  Your customer service is great.  I appreciate working with a company like Monroe Infrared.  It was a pleasant surprise to find it delivered.  Thank you for your effort in this purchase. “

Bob Matthews Home Inspections, Inc.

“ The 2-day Certified Thermographer Course you presented was excellent.  I learned more in your 2 day course about how to use my Flir E40bx and understand the information provided with the camera in your course than I had learned in a 4-day Level I Thermographer Certification course and another 2-day IR class. Any home inspector who wants to understand how to use infrared in their business should definitely take the MIT Certified Residential Thermographer Course.  Money well invested.  Highly recommended.”

Ronnie Smith, Trapping Department

“ I recently attended the CRT class in Duluth, Georgia and was very very satisfied. Bill Fabian, what can I say about him that hasn’t already been said, lol. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to share info so it is easily understood, the classes were fun, interesting, and Bill added his own humor to the day. I would highly recommend this training to anyone in home inspections, especially if you want to be a step ahead of your competition. I was confused as to what my camera was telling me,,,,,  by the end of training, I felt confident in my ability to use my Flir E30 and know what it was telling.”

Scott Kuhn, Weatherization and Housing Coordinator

“ Bill and Christopher,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your participation in our housing conference.  The training was top notch and received many compliments.  More impressive was Monroe Infrared’s response to unforeseen events leading up to the event.  I can’t believe the professionalism of your company to fulfill this obligation.  I was and remain very impressed with MIT!”

Bob Bassett, Bassett Home Inspections, LLC

That (Monroe Infrared’s Home Inspector 2-day Certified Residential Thermographer) was a worthwhile class!  Bill Fabian did a great job!

Stephen Talbot, President of Sales & Service
Associated Electric

“ Hello Brian,

Thank you for turning the report around so fast! My Technician and client were very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge. I look forward to working with you again.

Scott Smith, Level I Thermography Certification Class Graduate

“Dear Bill,

Thanks for your instruction and for the check up on our field assignment.  I have, in fact, completed the field assignment and have been told I did fine on it. So, thanks for the encouragement.  I will definitely be using the IR camera both more and better in the future.  I have to practice in the real world now and see how to make the data part of the audit reports”.

Eric Lavigne, Insulation Systems

“To the professionals at Monroe Infrared Technologies,

I do have to write on how pleased I was to purchase not only a tool to help my business, but to be able to deliver a more targeted and proven result.  I have used this tool as a great marketing solution as well.  The marketing came easy as I know with confidence my insulation systems are working as they should with proven results!!

I thank the professionals from Monroe that helped me choose just the right piece of equipment I needed with their knowledge and the piece of mind to purchase such an advanced piece of technology!  Thank you again!!”

Bryan Bradford, Cobb EMC

Thank you very much for sending Brian to handle our training. He is a great teacher and he kept it interesting. There is a lot to this camera and we are able to utilize its ability a little more.

Thank you & Merry Christmas!”

Mike Jenkins, Building Inspection Services

“I was at the last training conference and I just wanted to let you guys know that having Bill Fabian from Monroe Infrared Technology there was fantastic.  I learned more from his training than I have from any seminar in a long time.  It’s probably the best money I’ve spent in a long time.  Please encourage him to continue participation at our events.  Training like that is exactly what we need.”

Kirk Peter, ISC Building Diagnostics

“Christopher and the staff at Monroe Infrared Technology not only deliver what they promise in a timely manner, they go above and beyond including after the sale support. Their real concern for the customers satisfaction with the product and their service is refreshing and impressive. Any business could take lessons in service from the folks at Monroe Infrared.”

Best Regards

John Donati, AHEAD Services, LLC

“I really appreciate your generosity. At the end of last year I was approved to be on the Better Buildings NH “Qualified Contractor” list. Typically I use the IR to identify cold air leakage (during B/D test) and pressure equipment for draft testing. I have not even used a puffer yet. If I in fact find the missing puffer somewhere, which is highly unlikely as I’ve looked everywhere, I will return the replacement you sent unopened. I wish MIT’s business ethic was shared by more people. It is outstanding. I don’t see myself going anywhere else for equipment and prospective IR training in the future, and when asked you guys are on the top of a very short word-of-mouth list. Thanks again!”

Best regards
John Donati

The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

“I wanted to thank you for the great service and the advice you gave the ICA during our inquiry and eventual purchase of the FLIR E60 Thermal Imaging Camera. Your recommendation for the FLIR model E60 was right on. Our desire to operate the Thermal Imager for electrical maintenance, both our high power generator/ATS system and our distribution system. In addition, the facilities department will be reviewing our HVACr components for wear and tear as part of our reliability maintenance program. We are also looking forward to thermal escape discovery using the FLIR E60. Thanks again, great choice!”

Best Regards,
Jana E Dengler CFM, FMA, SMA
Director of Facilities and Security
The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

Darrel Oakley, Michigan Weatherization

“Thank you Bill for the opportunity to attend the training.  It was the most useful and informative that I have attended in quite some time.  Can’t wait to put into practice all that I learned!”

Thank you again,

Clint Cravens, Field Operation Manager, GreenStreet Solutions

I hope all is well with you, we received the equipment and I wanted to thank you for all of your help in facilitating the order in a professional and expedient manner. If you and MIT need any references as to how it is to work with you and your organization please let me know, as we are very pleased. I look forward to working with you again.”

Jon Phelps, Louisiana Energy Director

“MIT has always been a pleasure to work with and they carry top notch products too.  The (Level I) training we received from your group is invaluable.”

Robin Sandeen, Charlton, MA

Hello Christopher,

“I just received my new thermal imaging camera and am very excited to start my new business. Thank you so much for all your time, effort and assistance in helping me to obtain my first infrared camera.  As you know from our initial conversation,  I was looking for a reputable company to purchase my camera from, one who would guide me through the process as well as be there for the long haul and I can honestly say that you have exceeded my expectations.

I am thrilled with the professionalism of you and your company as well as your knowledge of all of FLIR’s products. For me, this was an important advantage as I was clueless.  You always responded promptly and efficiently to all my questions and needs which I found very refreshing. Dealing with Monroe Infrared and yourself has been a VERY pleasant experience and I look forward to future business dealings as I continue to grow my thermal imaging business.”