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Christopher Casey, President and CEO

Christopher Casey is a West Point graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He pursued his MBA from St. Martins University while still on active duty stationed at Fort Lewis, WA.  Since 1990 Christopher has held executive leadership positions with regional & national companies.  He is a positive leader and business team-builder recognized for engineering change, developing employees and achieving results where his expertise in organizational management, creative problem solving and always positive focus have led to substantial growth.  Christopher purchased Monroe Infrared in 2011.  He is highly motivated, goal-driven and clearly focused on exceeding both customer and vendor partner expectations as the path to overall business success.  His belief:  success thrives from true partnerships,  developed through doing what you say you’re going to do, over-communicating, never assuming, and sweating the details no matter the size of the customer, the task, the purchase or the commitment.

Bill Fabian, Vice President Sales & Training

Bill Fabian is Vice President of Sales & Training for Monroe Infrared Technology. He has been involved in Infrared for 29 years and is a Level III Thermographer. Bill has trained hundreds of individuals in both the theory behind and the use of IR cameras for Predictive Maintenance and Building Diagnostics applications. He has extensive in-field experience working closely on Energy Performance with customers ranging from major high rise buildings to commercial businesses to single family homeowners.

Significant Accomplishments:
Bill has completed IR Inspections on more than 20 million square feet of flat roof systems making him one of the foremost experts in the country today. Bill was instrumental in developing a practical water intrusion inspection methodology for today’s moisture remediation industry.

Tyrrell Hunter, Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Tyrrell handles numerous company functions such as: customer service, inventory control, shipping, coordinating training classes, and overseeing billing and accounting. Before joining Monroe Infrared in 2015, Tyrrell owned a medical equipment company for 15 years. Prior to that, she was the marketing director for an environmental engineering firm, and a sales representative for Motorola Communications in their commercial two-way radio division. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Business Administration. Tyrrell’s business philosophy is to provide exceptional customer service and when a problem arises, as they always do, resolve the problem quickly and in the customer’s best interest.



Peter Oliver, Manager Southeast Inspections

Peter is Southeast Manager for Monroe Infrared. Peter has over 15 years experience in Infrared Inspections & Management. He is responsible for all business operations for Monroe Infrared’s Southeast Region including client coordination, customer development and staff management. Peter is famous for the strength of his client relationships in working with and helping them achieve the results they desire through the inclusion of Infrared Thermal Inspections as part of a comprehensive overall Preventive/Predictive Maintenance and Building Energy Control Programs.Peter Oliver

Significant Achievements:
Peter has been requested on many occasions to help clients detect & pinpoint major problems which resulted in substantial savings to the client.  Most notable of these was an issue Peter identified for a client preventing the uncontrolled loss of electrical power resulting in a catastrophic facility shutdown and expected loss of more than $1 million.

Matt Sikora, Infrared Technician

Matt joined Monroe Infrared in 2016 to conduct infrared inspections in the Southeastern states. As a journeyman electrician, Matt brings a wealth of experience to his infrared inspections. He was formerly a field technician for A T & T and spent many years with Reverso Pumps, designing and building pumping systems and installing various piping systems for fuel, water and pneumatics.  Matt is a Level II Certified infrared inspector and  lives in Davie, Florida.